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Echo Hill Shelties is located in a rural area outside of the Denver metro area. I have 2-1/2 acres in which my dogs have plenty of room to romp and play. I grew up with shelties and loved the loyalty and intelligence of the breed. After college and starting my career, I bought a pet sable as a companion. I never dreamed that Shelties would be such a big part of my life. Twenty five years later I am still competing and involved in all aspects of Shelties. I have competed in Conform-ation, Agility, Herding and Obedience over the years and have accomplished titles on many dogs in all of those areas.

I just love Shelties!! They are the best!!

I am a small breeder, with a litter or two a year. I enjoy raising the puppies and training them. I breed for shelties that are beautiful, correct structures, intelli-gence and good temperament. I like to strive for producing the shelties that are "For All Occasions". Whether it be in the Agility ring, or the conformation ring. I especially try to produce those that are good companions. My puppies are raised in my house and center of my living room for their young lives. They are part of the family and treated with great love and respect. I belong to our national club the American Shetland Sheepdog Association. I have also belonged to and was a board member of our local sheltie club. Currently belong to the Front Range Agility Club. All my shelties are American Kennel Club registered and compete in the AKC events. I guarantee the health of my puppies, and test for the recommended genetic diseases.


I have over the last few years obtained some very wonderful dogs from Belmark Shelties in Ohio. The pedigrees crossed well with my old line I started 20 years ago. I have been very fortunate and produces some really beautiful puppies. In fact Finnegan and Logan our Echo Hill's newest members and they are just making us very proud here. Finnegan as a 9 month old puppy, has already finished his Championship. His brother Logan, has also finished at 11 months of age. It has been such a delight to see the quality and to watch them do so well in the ring. Finnegan finished with 4 majors, 3 major reserves in 4 weekends of shows. He almost finished in 1 week, took a RWD the last day or he would have. I have repeated that breeding, due mid-March, so keep your fingers crossed. Please see our following pages with pictures of our family.

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Leann Glee, Echo Hill Shelties

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